Odroid C2 PicoCluster

Okay, okay. I have to admit, this blog post is much more a teaser than some description of what I already did. About three weeks ago, I ordered a Pico 5 Odroid C2 - Starter Cluster Kit, which should allow me to build a cluster of five Odroid C2.

Pico 5 Cluster Parts

Today, most of the missing pieces - four more Odroid C2s - arrived:

Odroid C2s

So what I am going to do with those? First of all, I need to install HypriotOS for Odroid C2 on all of those. Ideally, it would be a version that comes with cloud-init instead of device-init (@stefscherer? ;)) as this would give me some more flexibility. Next thing would be setting up docker swarm and finding a proper solution data containers - I don’t think swarm has a good story around this yet.